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Active Routes to School Region 8

Who We Are

Active Routes to School REgion 8 project works across 9 counties to make it easier for elementary and middle school students to safely walk and bike to school and be physically active at school. The project coordinators work with partners in their communities to increase:
  • Awareness of the importance of Safe Routes to School.
  • The number of programs that encourage walking and biking to or at school.
  • The number of trainings on how to implement Safe Routes to School.
  • The number of policies that support walking and biking to and at school—such as early arrival and departure for walkers and bikers.
  • The number of safety features near schools such as sidewalks, cross walks and bike lanes.

In addition to working directly with schools, the project coordinators work within communities to identify opportunities for shared use of facilities and Complete Streets to improve access to physical activity.

What We Do

Active Routes to School is a NC Safe Routes to School Project supported by a partnership between the NC Department of Transportation and the NC Division of Public Health.